A Profile on "Restorative Rockstar", Dr. Jason Smithson

by Victoria Harris Victoria Harris | Sep 26, 2023 2:56:21 PM

In the span of a year, Dental Nachos will be hosting two different lectures featuring Dr. Jason Smithson. In October 2023, we will host an online CE webinar on The Vertical Margin in Fixed Prosthodontics, and in April 2024, an in-person event on Indirect Restorations, making it Dr. Smithson’s 10th event with Dental Nachos! But why is he one of our favorite lecturers? Dr. Smithson is an absolute landmark in the dental community, a marvel in terms of relentless dedication and craftsmanship.

Dr. Smithson isn't your run-of-the-mill dentist. He's an internationally renowned cosmetic and reconstructive dentist - and not just any international location, mind you. We're talking about London’s Harley Street Medical District, the Beverly Hills of dentistry. But now, our hero has taken his talents to St Agnes, Cornwall, where he doesn't just offer dentistry, but also dental-education and medico-legal expert witness services. Talk about a triple threat!

What makes Dr. Smithson stand out in the crowded world of dental care? His crowns aren't just crowns, they're "world-class" crowns. His veneers? They're not just pieces of porcelain, they're masterpieces. And let's not even get started on his direct composite resin artistry. It's so good; other dentists travel from across the UK just to see him work. He's the Dentist's Dentist, the Tooth Whisperer, the Molar Maestro!

But wait, there's more! Dr. Smithson isn't just a master of his craft; he also is incredibly skilled at sharing his knowledge with others. He's a prolific presenter, dazzling audiences on every continent with his wisdom and case-studies of high-level aesthetic dentistry. 

Not just content with being a superstar, Dr. Smithson is also an innovator. He pioneered the use of Dental Operating Microscope in teaching Direct Resin Artistry to other dentists in the UK. He's written numerous articles and even authored a book on crowns in aesthetic dentistry. 

But let's rewind a bit and talk about his humble beginnings. Our dental dynamo qualified at the Royal London Hospital in 1995, bagging a shelf-full of awards including The Constance Klein Memorial, The Stafford Millar, and The Malcolm Jenkins Scholarships, The American Association of Endodontics Prize and the Overall Award for Clinical Dentistry. After three years of oral surgery residency in London and another year practicing restorative dentistry in Harley Street, he relocated to the picturesque Cornwall.

At Pure Dental Health and Wellbeing, Cornwall, UK, Dr. Smithson focuses on microscope enhanced adhesive dentistry, as well as direct composite resin artistry and minimally invasive all ceramic restorations.

So, next time you’re in the mood for some life-changing dental continuing education, think of Dr. Jason Smithson. He's not just a dentist; he's a game-changer, a trailblazer, a tooth virtuoso. So why not sign up and learn a thing or two from the master himself? Your patients will thank you. 

Interested in attending a course with Dr. Smithson? You can sign up here for our October CE Webinar, and here for our in-person April event! 

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