Unveiling Crown Prep Mastery: Recap of Dr. Jason Smithson's Webinar & Virtual Demo

by Marissa Onesi | Oct 12, 2023 12:03:45 PM

Meet Dr. Jason Smithson, a luminary in the realm of cosmetic dentistry. Based at Pure Dental Health and Wellbeing in Cornwall, UK, Dr. Smithson is celebrated internationally for his proficiency and artistry in minimally invasive all ceramic restorations. Known as an 'In Demand' presenter, and considered an authority on aesthetic dentistry, he has been transforming smiles and changing lives with his unique approach to dental care. 


In a recent webinar hosted by Dental Nachos, Dr. Smithson showcased his innovative vertical crown prep techniques for achieving life-like composite restorations via minimally invasive methods through a series of case studies, featuring a final live demo to demonstrate his technique. 

Dr. Smithson starts his case studies with a patient who had aesthetic concerns about their anterior teeth. Part of his treatment plan was to remove the older crowns, and place incisor crowns using the vertical crown prep technique, which gave Dr. Smithson the opportunity to walk viewers through his step-by-step prep processes, giving mastery-level tips, cautions, and enhancements. An example of this was seen after Dr. Smithson removed the old crowns, and began using composite resin on the anterior teeth before continuing the crown prep, making the teeth less tapered, more aligned and up-right. This allows him to be less aggressive, and ultimately, less invasive with his crown preparations, which is the goal of this technique. The results can be seen below. 

*Photos by Dr. Jason Smithson*

*Photos by Dr. Jason Smithson*

Following this case study, Dr. Smithson leads the viewers through the course objectives, which are as follows: linear vs. area finish lines, prep design and gingitage, contouring provisionals, impression taking, finish line position, emergence profile, try-in procedures, and finally, cementation. He thoroughly reviews each objective and provides his own cases to demonstrate the technique in practice. 


Finally, Dr. Smithson performed a virtual demo on his vertical crown prep techniques.

*Photos by Dr. Jason Smithson*

*Photos by Dr. Jason Smithson*

Why the vertical crown prep technique? Why stray from the tried-and-true horizontal crown prep? Dr. Smithson asserts that with the availability of new materials, a more comprehensive understanding of tissue biology, and evidence-based techniques, the vertical margin can be a minimally invasive, more cost-effective solution for patients with periodontally involved teeth.   


If you’d like to watch this recording, it will be available until Monday, October 23rd, 2023 on our Nacho On Demand CE platform. You can join now for free by filling out this form


Dr. Smithson will join the Dental Nachos team in Philadelphia April 2024 to host a masterclass event on indirect restorations. Over the course of two days, Dr. Smithson will lead participants through an in-depth exploration of his groundbreaking methods that are revolutionizing the world of cosmetic dentistry. He will guide attendees through his comprehensive approach on the restoration of anterior and posterior teeth, including various demos on veneers, onlays and inlays. Join us in April and witness greatness while getting your dental continuing education credit! 

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