Why I had to STOP following "Dads with Perfect Abs!"

by Dr. Paul Goodman Dr. Paul Goodman | Apr 1, 2024 4:22:37 PM

Me: Massive dental school debt is a crisis.

Yell-y dentists: Stop being so negative, Nacho guy. You are making people feel bad!

Also me: Watch an interview with a solo GP that is collecting $3.3 million a year and share how he does that.

Also yell-y dentists: Stop being so positive, Dr. Nacho (who is not even a real doctor.) You are making people feel bad!!

It is impossible to "win" with all dentists so I do not try to do that. I just keep sharing stories to help us all learn, create context for this wild dentisting world and most of all-ABC 2 FLA (Always Be Connecting To Feel Less Alone).

If a story on dentisting social media upsets you, my recommendation to stay sane is do one of two things.

  1.  Turn off the totally free channel which may be the right move for where you are in life. 

    Totally respect it. Why I had to stop following "Dads With Perfect Abs." Those dads were so annoying with their macros, paleos and caveman workouts. Eat a piece of pizza, AB Dads! Live a little. Where do you even find a boulder to do squats with a jaguar on your back?


  2. Lean into that feeling of agitation.

    It's totally normal to feel that way and maybe that story has a learning opportunity for you "baked inside that spicy nacho plate." Maybe you can take one thing away to test in your life. Maybe Dads With Perfect Abs are not trying to brag or annoy me. Maybe they are proud of what they do and want to help others on their ab-less journey.

Either of those options are reasonable. What is "not cool" is to yell at, judge or tear down Dads With Perfect Abs publicly. Think whatever you want in your head. DM a friend if you need to share. Just refrain from the yell-y public judgment on a group that is totally free inside of an app that is also free.

What annoys you inspires someone else. Both feelings are correct for each person. Let's live in the BOTH. Let's lead with curiosity.

In closing, I have just one question. Can you order a boulder online?

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