Building Your Dream Practice: Highlights and Insights from our Event with Dr. Mark Costes

by Marissa Onesi | Sep 12, 2023 4:20:28 PM

Practice owners, we get it. You’re not just dealing with class 2 composites and convincing the guy in operatory 2 to get a $60,000 full mouth rehab; you’re also the one in charge of managing finances, operations, team management and turnover, ordering new equipment -  the list goes on. Management is one the hardest things for new and seasoned practice owners alike to handle. 


Our recent Dental Nachos event, Navigating the Challenges of Practice Ownership with Success, gave stressed out practice owners insight into the philosophies and systems that go into building the dental practice YOU WANT, without the constant stress. The event was headlined by innovator, seasoned dental practice owner, author, and founder of the Dental Success Institute, Dr. Mark Costes. 




Dr. Costes introduced us to his Elite Practice Manifesto scorecard; a progressive guide to building a successful dental practice that he uses with his clients. He related the journey of building your practice to forming the pillars that support your vision. Build the right foundation, systemize operations, value lifetime patient experience, master new patient acquisition, understand your cash flow and overhead, and finally effectively handle hiring, firing, and onboarding your staff. Master these and you'll become a "black belt" practice owner. 


One of the biggest takeaways was the importance of understanding your practice's vision so you’re then able to grow and scale. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Clarity is king. Systemization is your friend. Value your patients' experience more than your new 3Shape Trios 5 scanner, and make sure your staff is on board with your vision. 


If you missed this event, there’s always room for you in our Dental Nachos community at our next in-person event. The importance of dental continuing education and networking in overcoming the challenges of dental practice ownership cannot be overstated. Check out our upcoming events here.


If you’d like to learn more and watch the recording of Dr. Costes’s lecture, and get access to 200+ hours of CE that helps you build the life you want and release your dentisting stress, become a Nacho Supreme Member. Not only will you get access to our CE database, but you will get a personal Nacho friend in your phone to help guide your journey and connect you to key resources. Learn more here: 

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