Forming Stronger Patient Relationships

by Dr. Paul Goodman Dr. Paul Goodman | Oct 16, 2023 4:29:54 PM

In a world that is run by social connections, especially when a lot of these connections are online, it is important to understand how to interpersonally communicate with others. Oftentimes, we are able to bask in the joy of having awesome and productive conversations with like-minded people, but there comes a time in everyone’s life when we have to be able to have harder conversations. 

In the dental world, dentists are friendly people who sometimes have to deliver difficult news. Unfortunately, dental school does not teach dentists how to have effective conversations with patients.

Dentists tend to use technical language and expressions they have learned in dental school like “virgin teeth” or “I don’t think we can save the tooth.” Using this language can create awkwardness and miscommunication between dentist and patient.

We want to share how we can help you communicate more effectively with patients to create better trust and build more confidence between dentists and their patients, so they are more willing, and dare we way, even excited to say “yes” to treatments.

As a dentist, dealing with case acceptance can be difficult. While caring for patients and wanting them to move forward with treatment, dentists often find themselves in a roadblock when the patient isn’t very excited to move forward.

Our Dental Nacho course, 60 Minutes to 60K in Production, led by Dr. Paul Goodman, offers a roadmap to overcome the case acceptance hurdle and make discussions about treatment costs and purpose less daunting for patients. 


In the above trailer, Dr. Goodman demonstrates the financial agreement form his practice uses in order to effectively communicate the cost for the treatment plan for his patient's case. Through breaking down the financing and other intricacies involved with this case to the patient, Dr. Nacho is able to secure a full mouth rehab of $60K! 

As you can see, navigating patient communication in dentistry can be as tricky as an online debate about biological width. Dental school equips us with medical expertise but leaves us unprepared for the awkward conversations about treatment plans and cost. But, there's hope -- with content and tips like the course above, it’s about turning those awkward chats into productive AND profitable interactions, all while keeping the conversation light and approachable.

Want to see exactly how Dr. Nacho uses efficient patient communication? Check it out on our Nacho On Demand CE platform! Till the end of October, get 31% off our membership using the code 31SCARE at checkout! Supreme members also have access to an exclusive Q&A with Dr. Nacho, so join now to ask all your questions on forming stronger patient relations & more!



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