The Power Of JUST SHOWING UP . . . My Experience At The Dental Success Summit!

by Dr. Paul Goodman Dr. Paul Goodman | Apr 25, 2024 1:17:28 PM

Of all the people that I had the awesome chance to talk with at the DSS, Chloe Mirick, DDS's amazing husband, Corbin said something that I will never forget and meant so much to me. Chloe kindly shared that I have been part of her life since dental school and she should be so proud of being a startup practice owner so early in her career.

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As I was walking out of the gala with my sparkly unisex belt and denim blazer, I stopped to talk with them for a few minutes.  One, they are staying an extra to have fun and play golf (such a good idea. I wish I stayed an extra day at CE events as a new dentist.)  Two, it was really cool he came to the gala to hang around with a bunch of professionally weird dentists as a normal person. Three, what he said to me as I was leaving was just so cool. 

"Keep doing what you are doing to help dentists. I knew your name before coming here tonight and I am not even a dentist."



Flying back to Philadelphia, I was super exhausted in a super  awesome way. I hosted my event last week, but I could not miss this for my friend and someone who works so hard to make life for dentists better . . . Dr. Mark Costes.

Sometimes you just HAVE TO SHOW UP even when you may have a good excuse not to show up.  Sometimes you just have to put yourself in a room with people that care, people that share generously and people that have your back.  And when you do this--magic happens.  

I am not sure if it comes as a surprise, but it is not easy to do what I do some days. While I try to Taylor Swift it (one of my moderators' favorite people), it can get quite exhausting to have people consistently complain, get angry and yell at me about my free Facebook group. I sometimes question why I do it. A big part of the WHY is not being successful in my dreams of playing in the NBA. 

You would think that instead of complaining, they might just NOT go on my totally free site inside of a totally free app. You would think WRONG.  Nope. 27 line DMs about the 99 problems they have with Dental Nachos.  Being called names by people I have never met. This is part of my life. Be jealous.


What hearing Chloe's husband said as I went back to get ready for my flight home, was so meaningful to me.  It reminded me of my WHY. It reminded me that what I do (with a lot of help) does SO MUCH GOOD.  It matters.  Do what Chloe's husband did for me for someone else this week.  Four kind sentences can make a huge impact on someone.  

Being at the Dental Success Summit with dentisting humans that GET IT is truly the best.  I want to thank all of you that inspire me, remind me not to give up and are such fantastic examples of what is RIGHT WITH OUR PROFESSION.

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