The Origins of Super Dentist Boost!

by Victoria Harris Victoria Harris | Jun 25, 2024 3:54:11 PM

In the dynamic world of dentistry, tracking down the right guidance and building meaningful connections can feel like trying to floss with a jump rope—awkward and futile. But out of a casual date night chat, an extraordinary event was born that’s transformed the lives of many new and aspiring dentists. Welcome to the story behind the Super Dentist BOOST Camp, an annual gathering aimed at empowering practice owners and associate dentists with essential business and management skills.


The Birth of an Idea

Picture this: it’s August 2018, and Dr. Paul Goodman can't escape the constant phone calls from dentists seeking advice on everything from job hunts to CE opportunities and overall mentorship. Even on a date with his wife Mary, the interruptions are relentless. In exasperation, Mary quips, "I wish we could get all these people in the same room to answer their questions." Boom! An idea is born. Fast forward, and the first Super Dentist BOOST Camp (originally the New Dentist Boost Camp) takes shape.

This wasn’t just another conference; it was envisioned as an intimate gathering focused on real relationship-building and practical learning. The goal? To arm new and future practice owners with the insights and tools they need to build their dream practices.

What Makes Super Dentist BOOST Camp Unique?

  1. Intimate and Focused Learning Experience
    1. Forget massive, impersonal conferences. This camp offers a cozy setup for deeper interactions and a personalized learning journey.
  2. Expert Curation and Mentorship
    1. Top-notch speakers cover a wide array of topics, from dodging common pitfalls to thriving in a cutthroat market. Think of it as a comprehensive toolkit for success.
  3. Community and Relationship Building
    1. One standout feature is the chance to bond with like-minded dentists. These connections often morph into lifelong relationships, providing continuous support in the wacky world of dentistry.
  4. Practical Business and Practice Management Skills
    1. Whether you’re job hunting, buying or selling a practice, or hiring an associate, Super Dentist BOOST Camp offers actionable advice and strategies. And it all happens in Philadelphia, the city of brotherly (dentisting) love.

A Personal Anecdote

Take, for example, Dr. Camille Tabor, a new practice owner who attended last year’s event. Camille described her experience as "a weekend filled with highs and lows in getting to 'know self' and 'grow your practice.'" She applauded the "enthusiastic star speakers" and the variety of topics covered, from avoiding IT nightmares to maintaining personal well-being while running a practice.

Camille also highlighted the genuine connections she made, sharing, "I connected with people from all over the country who I can call more than a dental colleague." Her testimonial captures the essence of the camp—building relationships and exceeding expectations.


About Dr. Paul Goodman

The mastermind behind Super Dentist BOOST Camp is Dr. Paul Goodman, a multi-practice owner and the CEO of Dental Nachos. His mission? Making the lives of dentists happier and more successful through career-changing CE, networking opportunities, practice transitions, job matchmaking, and support from key resources. Dr. Goodman also founded Dentist Job Connect, a platform designed to solve the pressing issue of job placement by connecting practice owners with dental associates and hygienists.

Dr. Goodman graduated from the University of Pennsylvania's Dental School and completed his residency at Albert Einstein Medical Center. With a wealth of experience and a passion for mentorship, he’s made significant strides in boosting the morale and success of dental practices across the nation.

Feel like joining the next Super Dentist BOOST Camp? Well, grab your floss and your calendar, and get ready to transform your dental career.


To wrap up...

The Super Dentist BOOST Camp isn’t just an event; it’s a full-blown movement shaking up the dental industry with education, community, and support. For new dentists, practice owners, and associate dentists alike, this is your golden ticket to gain invaluable skills, forge lasting relationships, and skyrocket your career.

Ready to take your dental practice to the next level? Join us at the next Super Dentist BOOST Camp and become part of a community that thrives on growth, support, and excellence. Learn more and sign up today!



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